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How to Turn Freelancing into a 6- or 7-Figure Business

Aug 8, 2022

Length: 60 minutes
Presenter: Courtney Allen and M'Chelle Ryan
Host: Charles Stella
About the webinar

Freelancing Webinar Capture

Join “accidental entrepreneur,” Courtney Allen, as she details how freelancing changed her life for the better. Find out how, after a failed business attempt left her credit in the red, she was able to bounce back by breaking into freelance work. Leveraging Upwork to grow and scale her business, she now runs her own agency (16X9) which employs three full-time employees and seven independent contractors.

Courtney will also be joined by M’Chelle Ryan, the Director of Upwork Academy*, to share additional tips about how Upwork can help you build a successful freelance career.

Hosted by Guild Membership Director, Charles Stella, this session will have time for a Q&A!


*Upwork Academy is the newly launched (June ’22) suite of easily accessible and interactive resources that feature our best practices, tips, and tools for using Upwork, to help talent build and grow their business.
Through Upwork Academy’s new on-demand content, talent coaching, skills certifications, and targeted outreach, we will improve the Community experience for independent professionals on Upwork and the clients they support.
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