Our professional certifications reflect attainment of established criteria for proficiency and competency in the presentation industry. They require a specified amount of industry experience and are granted upon an assessment of an individual’s knowledge and skills. Our professional certifications have ongoing requirements that must be met every two years.

Advantages of Presentation Guild Professional Certifications

Advantages to the individual

  • Competence in the principles and practices of crafting presentations.
  • Participation in a recognized professional group.
  • Recognition of professional competence by professional peers and management.
  • Advanced career potential due to recognition as a presentation professional.
  • Personal satisfaction of accomplishing a career milestone.
  • Improvement in overall daily performance.
  • Long-term continuous improvement through the process of achieving and maintaining certification.
  • Higher income potential due to recognition as a presentation professional. For more details, see our salary survey.
  • Demonstration of individual commitment to career and role within an organization.

Advantages to the organization

  • Professional development, advancement, and recognition opportunities for staff.
  • Demonstration to customers, competitors, suppliers, staff, and investors that you use industry-standard practices for professional presentations.
  • Demonstration of your commitment to quality communications in your organization.
  • Improved staff responsibility, commitment, and motivation.
  • Establishment and implementation of professional presentations by individuals recognized as being knowledgeable and skilled.
  • More reliable, higher quality results produced with increased efficiency and consistency.
  • Identification of presentation professionals to clients and business partners.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the field of presentations, increasingly recognized as a vital component of any successful business.

Presentation Guild Professional Certification Levels

A Certified Presentation Professional™ is an individual who crafts presentations and meets the criteria as defined by the Presentation Guild presentation industry professional standards. Our core certifications require PowerPoint proficiency and are available at three levels. Proficiencies in products such as Prezi, Keynote, and other software are planned for the future.

Each professional receives a package that includes a certificate and badge upon successful completion of certification assessment.

Certified Presentation Specialist (CPS)™

  • is knowledgeable and skilled at crafting presentations
  • has six months of experience and/or education
  • has 1,000 documented hours of presentation craftsmanship &/or training
  • has passed the Certified Presentation Specialist Online Test of Knowledge
  • has passed the Certified Presentation Specialist Practical Test of Skills
  • completes 160 hours of craftsmanship &/or training every two years

Certified Presentation Expert (CPE)™

*Coming soon
  • has comprehensive knowledge, skill, and efficiency at crafting presentations
  • has 18 months of experience and/or education
  • has 3,000 documented hours of presentation craftsmanship &/or training
  • has passed the Certified Presentation Expert Online Test of Knowledge
  • has passed the Certified Presentation Expert Practical Test of Skills
  • completes 320 hours of craftsmanship &/or training every two years

Certified Presentation Master (CPM)™

*coming soon
  • has authoritative knowledge, skill, and proficiency at crafting presentations
  • has three years of experience and/or education
  • has 5,000 documented hours of presentation craftsmanship &/or training
  • has passed the Certified Presentation Master Online Test of Knowledge
  • has passed the Certified Presentation Master Practical Test of Skills
  • completes 480 hours of craftsmanship, training, &/or mentoring every two years

Advancement through the certification levels

While recommended, it is not a requirement to advance through each certification level. A professional may test at any certification level as long as required prerequisites are met and appropriate fees are paid. Each certification builds upon the previous certification so testing for each level must be completed prior to advancing to the next level. This means if you want to test for a certification without having obtained the previous level certification(s) you will also have to pass the tests for those certification levels. For example, if you test for the Master certification without obtaining the Specialist and Expert certifications you must pass the tests for all three levels of certification.

Maintaining your certifications

Our certification program has ongoing requirements for maintaining proficiency and competency, and certifications are revoked if those requirements are not met. A Presentation Guild professional certification is valid for 2 years. A Certified Presentation Professional™ demonstrates their commitment to the development of the presentation industry and growth of their craftsmanship through documented completion of hours spent in acquiring experience, participating in training, &/or mentoring others that contributes to the knowledge &/or skill of crafting presentations. These hours must be completed and documented and renewal fees paid prior to the certification renewal date.

Presentation Standards

Download Standards

Industry standards are specifications designed to make a specific industry more efficient and effective. They are the generally accepted requirements which are followed by the members of an industry, and they serve as a quality check for any industry. The Presentation Guild Presentation Industry Professional Standards are used to assess mastery/competency of knowledge and skills for our certification program.

Record Experience

Download Tracker

Experience tracking is a requirement for applying for certification and for maintaining your certification through the renewal process every 2 years.

If you already track your activity as a presentation professional, you’re likely there already. There’s no need to transcribe your records to the form, providing your records contain the same information. We do suggest you download the form to verify your tracking matches or exceeds our requirements.

Experience Tracking Requirements
Your experience tracking must meet the following requirements to be accepted:

  • You must supply the record of experience prior to purchase the certification exam.
  • You must represent the required number of hours of experience, training, or similar presentation activity for the Professional Standard level you are applying for.
  • Specialist – 1000 hours
  • Expert – 3000 hours (not currently available)
  • Master – 5000 hours (not currently available)

Your document must be in one of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

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