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The coronavirus situation has educators of all types swinging into action to move classes online. People like you are looking for ways to exchange tips, advice, and direct one-to-one communication on how to best build those distance...


Microsoft Office Secrets of PowerPoint

Ep. 98 by Troy Chollar, Nolan Haims, Sandy Johnson

BrightSlide and the Presentation Community

BrightCarbon embodies that spirit. Understanding that when the presentation industry pie gets bigger, so do the slices of the pie, BrightCarbon is actively working with the Guild to elevate our industry. In this article, BrightCarbon Director Joby Blume tells us why that is so important and how their new product, BrightSlide, contributes to that effort.

Ep. 29: Alternatives to Pie Charts

Inspired by Design, Episode 29: Alternatives to Pie Charts
Hosted by Julie Terberg
Presented by Nolan Haims

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Laura Foley

What do you do? I help people to become better public speakers whose presentations resonate with audiences and drive the results they want. Why do you love your job? I work primarily with STEM professionals. I really like translating their geek-speak into plain...

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