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There is a wonderful opportunity throughout the working world to identify and define the skills needed to create amazing presentations. We are a global association teaming with passionate professionals dedicated to bringing that clarity to the world.

The Future of Presenting Is in 3D

On November 12, Guild member and Presentation Futurist Yulia Barnakova led a group of us on a journey through a 3D presentation space called FrameVR. We didn’t need to install special software or use a VR headset for this experience....

Elevate Your Presentation Credentials

Take your PowerPoint skills to the next level—literally! The Presentation Guild’s new Certified Presentation Expert (CPE)™ – PowerPoint assessment will launch in fall 2021. Our team of industry professionals has finished reviewing the Presentation Guild...

Presentation Tricks, Treats, and Horror Stories

Cliff Atkinson, Julie Terberg, and Lori Chollar for Presentation Tricks, Treats, and Horror Stories, and Sheila B. Robinson discuss structuring your content and supporting your message with impactful visuals. We can’t be sure what Sheila will pull out of her Trick or Treat bag, however we do know that Cliff, Julie and Lori will know how to turn any horror stories into delightful tricks and treats.

What is your presentation identity?

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