Every year, the big event known as “The Presentation Summit” brings together the skilled artisans and apprentices of our craft. We learn, we share, we celebrate, and most of all network. The restaurants and bars surrounding the main hotel where we meet know they might need to shoo some of our small groups out at closing time. We simply cannot get enough networking done in the few days that we have together. (The photo below is from Sunday night’s Entrepreneur’s Forum and the subject was running a small presentation consultancy and design business. Every night, some form of lively engagement goes into the wee hours.)

We know that one of the top challenges you face in professional development is isolation. The Presentation Guild is looking to bridge those gaps between summits as well as provide a year-round virtual venue for members worldwide.

Your Presentation Guild network will be a working network. You’ll sharpen your skills, keep up with industry news and trends, share your best, open doors. We can’t wait to get started.

Late night networking during Presentation Summit, 2015, New Orleans