Happy holidays to all! As promised, here are your winners for our third design contest. (Click on each image to download and view.)


1st Place – Article 10

Congratulations to Article 10 for their amazing entry! We recognize this has strayed a bit from the countdown idea, but have awarded first place due to the fantastic example of creative animation coupled with excellent PowerPoint out-of-the-box thinking. So glad Santa will be ready for Christmas this year!



2nd Place – Ody Rousodimos

A round of applause goes to Ody Rousodimos of Presented for this terrific entry. This countdown calendar was well executed with fun illustrations and clever content. This is precisely the sort of thing what we had in mind when we announced our challenge, and Ody rose to the occasion.



3rd Place – Alex Tomilin

Another fine entry. This one is from Kate Markova in Ukraine. We liked the spirit and beauty of this entry along with the graceful animation and snowflake theme. We’re definitely feeling the spirit of the season!


Thanks to all who entered and to those of you downloading these files to view. We hope you find inspiration in the creativity of each entry. They’re all winners!