“What are you making?”

We hear that question all the time. It’s posed by a boss, client, or colleague as they peer over our shoulders and try to figure out the shapes and blurbs of a complex slide being made. They’re curious, naturally. Your specialized skills are not as common as you think.

Even rarer is when someone asks you this question with money in mind. What is your income for doing what you do? Do you earn a salary or an hourly rate? Full-timer? Independent? On the side?

The answer to what you’re making is easy enough to compose. But the questions you should be asking yourself is “Am I making the right amount? Am I a bargain? Am I pricing myself out of my business?” Tough questions to answer on your own, easier when you have like-minded friends. And that’s why we’re here.

We kindly ask you to share your information (privately of course and anonymously if you wish) so that we may help the greater community of people like you. As a nonprofit association of professionals engaged in a specialized trade, one of our core objectives is to become advocates of our field by establishing benchmarks, giving you a stronger voice and the data to support it.

What is The Presentation Guild making? A difference, we hope, because of your involvement. Click here to begin the survey. It will only take a few minutes.

As a token of our appreciation, you may opt in to receive the full report, which will be available in October 2016.


P.S. As this is our first year gathering and tabulating this data, we are collecting only US-based responses for now. We hope to extend our reach as soon as we can.