PG Twitter listSome weeks ago on a discussion thread in our Member Forum, we promised to assemble a Twitter list of our members. It’s done!

What’s a Twitter List?

A Twitter list is simply a curated group of Twitter accounts. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of tweets from only the accounts on that list. Our list is named “People of @presentguild” and includes current members, advisors, and directors who have active Twitter accounts. In a few cases, especially where the Guild member is part of a company active in our industry, that company’s account is also included.

The benefit of a Twitter list is that it’s highly focused. It delivers more of what you care about, quickly. Another benefit: you can follow lists without following the individual accounts in that list. Still, please remember that this is Twitter, and some users mix their business and personal communications. “Highly focused” is a relative term.

Eager? Try it now. Here are the tweets. Here are the accounts on our list. Subscribe to our list by pressing the “Subscribe” button. And if you use a tweet monitor like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, keep the list timeline displayed as a new, separate column.

Do you want to be included in the list? Excluded?

Many of you share stuff on Twitter that interests us, both professionally and personally. But some of you are Twitter-shy or just starting out. We understand. Just let us know if you want on or off. (You must be a member or have a member in your company to be added on.) As the Guild grows, the list will change and grow too. Lastly, if you gave up on Twitter a while ago because its value didn’t materialize for you, think of this as your opportunity to give it another chance and expand your brand (or at least take a peek at what your peers are chatting about).

The tweet goes on

The introduction of our new Twitter list won’t change what our @presentguild account does and will continue to do: 1) bring you breaking news of our industry, 2) reshare content we find noteworthy, 3) advance the objectives of the Guild, 4) bring you an occasional smile.

Do you maintain a Twitter list of presentation people? Do you subscribe to one? Share it in the comments. Thanks!