Penny for your thoughts? Or rather, much more cash per year?

The annual Presentation Industry Salary Survey is now open. This is our second survey of the presentation creation/design/support world, and this time around we welcome responses from all nations. This link will take you right to the survey. (Go ahead and click if you’re in a hurry. If not, read on.)

Why should I answer this survey? Why should I care?

Great question. And we have a great answer in the form of an anecdote: not long after receiving her copy of the survey results, one Guild member was able to then take the report to her management and successfully negotiate a raise. True story!

What about you? Is your income above the average? Below? Whether you work for a large organization, a small one, are self-employed or freelancing on the side, you’ll want to see where your compensation places you relative to the rest of the field. Regional, national, international comparisons will be made. Age, gender, experience level, and company roles factor into our data analysis, too.

What are the questions I will be answering? Will this take me long?

It’s short. The survey has 24 questions. They are uncomplicated – no essays or stories required – and only a few questions ask for estimates or averages, such as hours worked per week or percentage of work hours spent on presentations. Most people will complete the survey in about five to ten minutes.

Will this survey respect my privacy?

Absolutely. All information is collected anonymously and we do not share the data with anyone. At the very end, you may choose to give us your email address if you want to receive a copy of the results. As before, this report will be made available not just to all Presentation Guild members, but also survey respondents who are not (or not yet) members. It’s our way of saying thank you to all who participate.

Sounds good. I’ll fill it out.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort. Whether you run your own presentation business, create presentations in an administrative role, coach speakers, or deliver your own presentations, your contribution to this survey will help make presentation professionals even more valuable to our community and the organizations who hire us. Win-win.

P.S.: We’d be thrilled if you shared this with colleagues who do what you do. Here’s the link again: Thanks!