The wait is over.

We’re proud to present the results of survey data we collected in August and September of 2016 from presentation professionals across the United States. Readers of this blog will recall our August 13, 2015 post; we asked you to participate in this first-ever industry effort. A good many of you did exactly that. Thanks!

A $59 value, this survey report is free for all Presentation Guild members. It is also free to those survey participants who opted to receive the report. Not a member? The cost is US$59. Want to become member and save money? A package deal of one year of membership plus access to the Survey Report is available for only US$99. (To learn more about the report and how you can get it, click here for general information about the survey; the page will also present you the links below).

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We complied and analyzed data from one hundred thirty three respondents. We think we’re moderately reasonable, if not conservative, with conclusions which we draw from the survey results. Most of all, we’re eager to hear what you think. Feel free to discuss salaries, demographics, job structures, and other topics raised by the report either here in the blog or over on our forums.

We’ll be listening to you.