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Our official list of Presentation Guild resources is ever-expanding. Below, you will also find a list of member-to-member resources. If you would like to contribute to the resources library, please use this form.

Guild-to-Member Resources

Category wdt_ID File name Description Type Download
reference 1 The Future of Presentations Whitepaper The world of work has changed. We wanted to hear from people who are at the forefront of presentations – design, speaking, technology – to talk about what’s next, and how communicators can prepare. .pdf
tool 2 CPS Study & Practice Reference This reference provides you with the appropriate industry standards in the nine categories, a brief description of each standard, and what you should research, study and/or practice to pass the exam. .pdf
reference 3 Presentation Industry Professional Standards The Presentation Guild Presentation Industry Professional Standards will be used to assess mastery/competency of knowledge and skills for our certification program. .pdf
reference 4 Accessible Document Creation Create accessible digital documents in Word and PowerPoint. The University of Buffalo put considerable effort into providing instructions on how to make Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs made from documents and presentations accessible. .pdf
tool 5 Industry Standards Self-Assessment v2.1 This self-assessment spreadsheet from Guild member Sheila B. Robinson will help you keep track of what you already know and what you still need to study as you prepare for the certifications exam. .xls
business 6 Statement of Work template .docx
business 7 Consultant Agreement template .docx
business 8 Mutual NDA template .docx
tool 9 Project Intake Template .docx
reference 11 2017 Salary Survey That’s the top takeaway from data in our annual survey of the salaries, demographics, and work habits of presentationists. While this is our second such survey, it’s our first to include data from all over the globe. .pdf

Member-to-Member Resources

Category wdt_ID Resource name Description Contributor Type Website Download
reference 1 Presentation Design Triage Checklist Have a tight deadline and need to set expectations? This might help. Stephy Hogan .pdf Download
reference 3 PPT Cloud Font Guide A guide to cloud fonts in Microsoft Office 365 Julie Terberg .pdf Download

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