Gestalt of Slides

Gestalt Principles demonstrate a set of consistent behaviors or rules pertaining to our visual perceptions. As presenters and/or slide designers, knowledge of these principles can be a powerful tool.

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Power of Patterns

This course for Presentation Guild members introduces you to some of the scientific theories behind pattern recognition and how to use that knowledge to improve the clarity of your products. Prerequisite Course: The Gestalt of Slides.

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PowerPoint Features & Tips

Our collection of 5 minutes or shorter videos with advice, tips and tricks from the industry experts and our community members.

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VBA: I found some. Now what?

If you’ve ever wandered the net looking for a way to solve one odd PowerPoint problem or another, you’ve no doubt run into solutions that involve using something called “VBA” or “macros”. And wondered “What the heck is a VBA and would I know one if I bumped into one in Starbucks?”

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