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Certified Presentation Expert Bootcamp (available to members only)


The Presentation Guild Expert Certification Bootcamp is a fast-paced workshop designed to help individuals review Presentation Industry Standards and prepare to take Presentation Guild Expert Certification exam.

This bootcamp will help you prepare to take the Certified Presentation Expert exam.

The exam is based on the Presentation Industry Professional Standards, published by the Presentation Guild. The bootcamp meets two hours daily for one week. The standards of knowledge and skills are categorized into nine areas of expertise. We will also have a session where we will complete a practice test together and focus on the mechanics of taking the test.

Please note that this is a certification preparation course, not a PowerPoint training class. We will go quickly by necessity.

This bootcamp will be spread out over 1 week for 2 hours every day.

Bootcamp attendees will receive a coupon for the CPE exam.

Course material will be taught in a live and interactive virtual atmosphere. If you missed the in-person workshop last year, here’s what one attendee had to say:

I thought it was great and very helpful! Definitely felt way more confident going into the exam.
– Bootcamp Participant

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