Big thanks to those of you who have completed our pre-launch survey. (What survey? This one. If you take a moment and complete it now, big thanks to you too.) We’re asking some multiple-choice questions, some rank-these-items items, and a few who-are-you-and-what-do-you-do queries.

What we’re finding out is interesting. Many of you are solo practitioners, and many others are in corporate or educational settings. You tend to wear more than one hat when it comes to software applications (e.g., PPT and Photoshop and etc.). And a good number of you serve both behind the scenes of big presentations as well as up in front, right at the podium.

Especially pleasing to us is learning how much experience you all have at this and how much you want to be part of a community. This bodes well for the communication capabilities our website will be hosting. Just imagine having a virtual ballroom full of presentation pros at your disposal, ready to answer. This is going to be good.

We’d share more, but, like any good presentation, time and effort and preparation rule the day. In the meantime, help us focus on what how we could best serve you. Here’s that survey link again. Thanks in advance!