Member ForumsDo you know the feeling you get when you realize your kids or pets are no longer small, young, innocuous things? BOOM! Somehow suddenly they’re now a foot taller or a lot faster. Nimble, graceful, assured. You’re proud to have raised a thing that’s ready to take on the world.

Here at the Guild, this is us when we visit the Member Forums. Go on, take a peek. If you were one of our earliest contributors, you’ve no doubt witnessed the growth spurt. If you’re new to the party, lucky you – this is an excellent time to jump right in.

What’s going on? Three things: 1) more of you are using it, and you’re using it more frequently; 2) increased diversity of users, especially by location and experience; 3) threads are growing in length and depth. Just a few lively topics at the moment: “Remove Unused Fonts,” “What is Presentation Design? [Video],” “Teaching Clients Better Design,” and “The End of Slides With Text.” They join dozens of others.

The tech press says that this should come as no surprise. As the online world continues to evolve, savvy users organize around “communities of interest” or “communities of practice” to further their individual careers and their group’s specialty as a whole. These groups are right now enjoying the fastest growth.

You’re the one who makes the Forums what they are, and right now we are blinking our eyes in near-disbelief at the lovely things they have become. Thank you.