What do you do?
If someone outside of my creative sphere asks, I reply, “I make fancy PowerPoints.”

If they care for more detail, then I will say, “I design presentations for many uses across industries, from international accounting firms to marijuana grow collectives, and a lot in between.”

For the past three years or so, I’ve abandoned in-office ongoing positions in favor of remote project-based work. It’s more satisfying between better pay, excellent work/life balance, and every project’s need is slightly different. Sometimes I’m a production guy making things pretty. Sometimes I’m making the template or doing the design to make the template. Sometimes I’m interpreting content to make it visual.

Why do you love your job?
Did you just read my response to the first question!?! C’mon, FANCY POWERPOINTS!

Why did you join the Presentation Guild?
I started down the presentation path begrudgingly 20 years ago when I came on as a print designer at a white shoe law firm and found I kinda liked it, I but didn’t know anyone else in the niche. It took a while, but I now know I’m not alone.

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