Sponsorship opportunities

Want to help us make a greater impact? See all the ways you can partner with the Guild to support this new and exciting industry and connect with presentation experts around the globe.

Things to know

  • All Sponsor tiers will be made available on a first-come basis.
  • We will allow only a limited number of sponsors at each of the four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.
  • After all sponsorship slots are filled, new and prospective sponsors will be waitlisted.
  • Existing sponsors will have the first right of refusal.
  • Based on availability, existing sponsors can be upgraded or downgraded by requests. Existing sponsors will have first right over waitlisted sponsors.
  • There’s every reason for you to sign up as a sponsor as soon as possible in addition to just plain good karma.

More info

BADGE ON SPONSORS PAGE ON SITE: We will have a page similar to the Board of Directors page where all sponsors will be listed. Sponsor logos will be shown along with a 50- to 100-word description and one link to their site.

MAILER/NEWSLETTER OPPORTUNITIES: The Guild will send an electronic mailer / newsletter to its members at least once a month. As more content is created, and the need arises, this can be increased to once a week. Sponsors can sponsor a particular mailer issue. They will be identified as sponsoring the mailer, and may provide a small image ad with a hyperlink to their site. These ads will be clearly identified as a sponsor ad. Silver sponsors will receive this visibility once in a year, Gold sponsors will get this twice a year, and Diamond sponsors will receive this privilege thrice a year. In the case of Gold and Diamond sponsors, the mailers will be spaced out so as to not be repeated too soon.

WELCOME NOTE / OFFER IN WELCOME KIT: Silver and Gold tier sponsors can send a welcome note or offer limited to one page (US Letter or A4) as part of the Guild’s Welcome Kit. This Welcome Kit will be issued electronically on both joining and on renewal of membership.

MENTION ON HOME PAGE OF PRESENTATION GUILD SITE: Only Diamond sponsors will have their logos displayed on the home page.

Would you like to have several people at your place of business join the Guild as members? Visit our membership levels page to learn more about group memberships.