Lori ChollarWhat do you do?
I’m the CEO and chief creative officer at TLC Creative Services, Inc. We’re based near San Diego but find ourselves traveling all over the place working directly with presenters, their content teams and production companies to create some pretty fun and amazing shows. I get down in the presentation and design trenches with our staff, crafting and creating dynamic presentations, and I work onsite with clients in the show environment—all while running and managing our business with my husband, Troy.

Why do you love your job?
I love getting into a presentation project whether I am doing a makeover or concepting something from scratch—it’s a zen feeling when the creative juices flow. Happy clients make me happy! I also love seeing the creativity of our staff and nurturing (and at times challenging) them to think outside the proverbial box (or slide, in our case). We have an office puppy—what’s not to love about that? Oh, and I also love when clients send me overseas.

Why did you join the Presentation Guild?
Joining was a no-brainer! I live and breathe presentations, so aligning myself and our company with the Presentation Guild made perfect sense. The variety of training, industry insights and especially this community are all huge benefits. And, I love seeing the Guild grow and get better every year.

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