John RahmlowWhat do you do?
I provide information and strategies to retirement plan participants so that they are empowered to make progress towards their retirement goals.

Why do you love your job?
I love my job because through conducting 250– 300 webinars a year, I am able to reach thousands of retirement plan participants and provide them with the information and strategies that can put them on track to achieve their retirement goals. I also like the variety in responsibilities that I have that allows me to work on creating custom presentations in addition to presenting our standard meetings.

Why did you join the Presentation Guild?
I joined the Presentation Guild, and renewed for a 10-year period, because of the incredible people in the Guild, and the amazing resources available to Guild members. I have known the founding members for many years and am awed by their passion for designing and building effective presentations and their passion for building the skill sets of everyone in the industry.