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Inspired by Design Introduction

Jul 29, 2016

Length: 20 minutes
Presenter: Julie Terberg, Terberg Design LLC and Presentation Guild Director
Host: Nolan Haims, Nolan Haims Creative
About the webinar

Julie kicks off the Inspired by Design webinar series with an explanation of why you should combine and remix inspired ideas to make your own vs. directly copying designs from others. She provides a list of potential sources of inspiration and ideas.
Updates as of April 5, 2021:
The website referenced is no longer focused on design elements and as a result it is not a valid resource at this time. The Ted Talk is still recommended and can be found via this link:
The website referenced is broken and has not been updated for years.
The website referenced no longer exists.
Julie recommends that you read the book “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon. The book can be found at this link:

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