• Contest Opens July 1
  • Slide Makeovers Due July 22 by Midnight
  • Winners Announced July 31


  • Make this slide look waaaay better!


  • Lori Chollar, the “L” in TLC creative
  • Stephy Lewis, your friendly, neighborhood, kick-ass problem solver
  • Tom Howell, founder of Synapsis Creative

The slide to makeover

Contest Rules

  1. These contests are first and foremost for fun and judges have final say (there will be no squabbling please!)
  2. Contest information and assets/downloads will be available on the PG website until the contest deadline.
  3. Interpret the provided contest background information, slide 1 of the provided PPT file, as you would be working with a client (in other words, you’re on your own here…make good choices!).
  4. Unless otherwise specified, you may use any standard presentation software.
  5. Be respectful of copyrights and use only royalty-free images, fonts, etc.
  6. If using non-standard fonts, be sure to supply the font(s) with your entry!
  7. All entries for Contest 1: Medical Malady are due July 22, 2016 by midnight, Eastern Standard Time and there are no exceptions (unless you come up with an amazingly creative story that involves aliens and hot dogs and can be supported by strong evidence).
  8. Judging will take place the last week of the month and winners announced by July 31, 2016.
  9. All entries may be used by PG for display on the website, promotional materials, etc. at PG’s discretion.

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