Photo of two children sharing flowersPeople want connection. It’s a driving force for all of humanity, right? The universal and timeless desire to know that you belong, that you have this or that in common, and that help may be offered or received between connected people.

Some of our newer members are eager to learn who’s here and what their stories are. Some longtime members joined and went headlong into Guild activities with the intent to complete their profiles at a later date. We totally understand. Either way, the more you share about yourself, the greater the potential to gain from more and better relationships.

We’re taking a moment here to ask that you fill out your Presentation Guild member profile if you haven’t done so already. Beyond the required info, you’re welcome to select which items to fill out or leave blank according to your comfort level, of course. And your info will never leave Guild gatekeepers without your consent.

BONUS! Act soon — complete your member profile between now and April 30 for your chance to win something special. As a thank you, we’ll enter you into a drawing to win Guild gear so you can fly the member colors proudly. Of course, you can always purchase Presentation Guild hats or t-shirts yourself, but it’s so much more fun to win them! (Haven’t browsed through our Guild gear before? Right this way.)


Log in, head to our newly redesigned Member Hub, click on Profile, and then Update Profile, fill out the fields and opt into the drawing. That’s it! Thanks.