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Exploring Neuxpower Add-ins: Slidewise & NXPowerLite

Aug 24, 2022

Length: 85 minutes
Presenter: Mike Power, Andy Dargon
Host: Cindy Tingley
About the webinar


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On the list of add-ins you shouldn’t live without, Neuxpower’s* Slidewise and NXPowerlite rank as two of the highest! (In case you didn’t know, our members get some great discounts on these impressive tools!

In this Guild member-exclusive event, Neuxpower’s Mike Power and Andy Dargon will give you the developers’ insight into these fantastic products. They will share not only the history, but future plans for Slidewise and NXPowerLite, as well as live demos! There will also be time for audience Q&A.

*Neuxpower creates refreshingly simple tools that pack a powerful punch. Currently on a mission to cut the time people spend checking and editing PowerPoint presentations. Committed to always providing software that is professional, reasonably priced and backed up by mind-blowing support.

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