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Before the Mic #2

The Book Club continues further into 2023 with the second meeting to discuss Before The Mic by Glenn Gibson. Glenn’s fresh take on the subject and his message that presentations are like music, not just collections of slides, is inspiring people around the world. We welcome you to join us for the reading and discussion of this memorable book.

Glenn’s bio from Amazon:

Glenn was born and raised in South Queensferry, Scotland, where he frequented the very pub (the Hawes Inn) that legendary Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson reportedly penned the literary classics Kidnapped and Treasure Island centuries before Glenn had his first pint there. Spending many an evening in this establishment with his friends and family inspired his dream of becoming an author, and this book is the realization of his lifelong ambition.

Glenn now lives in Avon, Ohio, with his wife, Rachel, boys, Finlay and Oran, and their West Highland Terrier, Fergus. Glenn has combined his love of speaking and technology throughout his 20-year career in various roles, achieving technology certifications from Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware, and delivering technical support, teaching OnBase software installations, and running product marketing and technology evangelism teams.

Besides public speaking and the music mentioned in this book, Glenn’s passions include all things Scottish. Glenn is a proud kilt wearer, whisky sampler, bagpipe appreciator, meat pie eater, Scottish football masochist, and loves a chippy with the famous Edinburgh salt ‘n’ sauce. Glenn is also a keen student of the Bible and enjoys volunteering his time to help others find purpose in life. Like a salmon swimming back upstream, Glenn returns to Scotland whenever he has the chance to visit friends and family, explore the Highlands, and do a little fishing with his dad. One day, he plans to walk the West Highland Way with his boys, but that’s a dream for another day.


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Matt Krause


Matt Krause


Feb 15 2023

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  • Timezone: Asia/Singapore
  • Date: Feb 16 2023
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