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Elevate Your Presentation Credentials

Author: Jennifer Parkinson

Jul 6, 2021

Jul 6, 2021

Elevate Your Presentation Credentials

Person reviewing certs websiteTake your PowerPoint skills to the next level—literally!

The Presentation Guild’s new Certified Presentation Expert (CPE)™ – PowerPoint assessment will launch in fall 2021. Our team of industry professionals has finished reviewing the Presentation Guild Presentation Industry Professional Standards, developing the exam, and creating an expert-level bootcamp curriculum. Now we are preparing for our launch later this year.

The Guild’s professional certifications feature three tiers of presentation designations: Specialist, Expert, and Master. We released our first assessment for Certified Presentation Specialist (CPS)™ – PowerPoint in 2017. Since then, more than 30 people have successfully attained that designation. They will be the first presentationists eligible to take the Certified Presentation Expert (CPE)™ – PowerPoint assessment and earn the next-level badge.

Why should you get certified?
Our certifications help you document your expertise while promoting your presentation skills to employers and clients. With certification, you’ll receive explicit markers of credibility such as an accreditation badge for use online and letters to place after your name. Current accredited presentationists have improved their earning potential and gained access to career advances. They have also reported an increase in self-satisfaction, confidence, and competence in their presentation abilities.

What are the requirements to take the Certified Presentation Expert (CPE)™ – PowerPoint assessment? 

  • You must have passed the Certified Presentation Specialist (CPS)™ – PowerPoint exams.
  • You must provide a statement that indicates you have at least 18 months of experience and 3,000 hours working in PowerPoint.

What skills are tested on the Certified Presentation Expert (CPE)™ – PowerPoint assessment?
Like the Specialist level, Expert level certification requires a completion of an online test of knowledge and a practical test of skills covering presentation standards in nine categories:

  1. Audio/visual
  2. Branding
  3. Color
  4. Data visualization
  5. Functionality
  6. Imagery
  7. Layout
  8. Motion
  9. Typography

What are Certification Bootcamps?
The Guild offers periodic in-person and online workshops to review a selection of professional industry standards and help participants build the skills needed to take the certification exams. Bootcamp participants learn about the certification exam and take a practice test during the workshop. Bootcamps are not required to take certification exams, but past participants have highly recommended them as prep courses.

Both our Specialist and Expert level Certification Bootcamps will be held as hybrid events (in-person and virtually) at the Presentation Summit in September 2021. Go to the Presentation Summit website to register for the bootcamps.

What if I’m not yet ready for the Certified Presentation Expert (CPE)™ – PowerPoint assessment?
No worries! Get all the FAQs on the Certified Presentation Specialist (CPS)™ – PowerPoint assessment and the entire certification program on the Presentation Guild certification page. Download a free copy of the Presentation Guild Presentation Industry Professional Standards and purchase other helpful materials to prepare for each level. Guild Members can access these materials at no charge.

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