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wdt_ID Company Offer Description Coupon Code (if any) Discount Link
1 NeuxPower 40% off of NXPowerLite Desktop NXPowerLite Desktop shrinks the size of PowerPoint, Word, PDF and JPEG files simply and effectively, making them easy to email and share. It is especially effective on files that don’t compress well with zip.
2 SlideWise by NeuxPower Guild members get a 40% discount on licenses of Slidewise, so it can be yours for just $28.80! Slidewise is a new super-helpful PowerPoint add-in from the team behind the popular compression software, NXPowerLite Desktop. It helps in 3 main areas:

1. It reveals insights into the hidden information that you wish PowerPoint would show you. In a Task Pane it shows all media sizes, embedded objects, fonts used, linked media, and more in the open presentation.
2. It alerts you when fonts have been substituted, or linked media is missing, so you can fix these issues before they become bigger problems.

3. Slidewise also enables you to quickly replace fonts (even when PowerPoint can’t), manage linked media, embed or remove fonts, or even replace multiple image instances.

Download a free 14-day trial
3 YouPresent 25% off Add editable designer icons straight from your PowerPoint, Excel or Word ribbon. PRESENTGUILD
4 YouPresent 25% off vMaps for PowerPoint From a single new button in your PowerPoint ribbon, add editable maps from around the World.

5 YouPresent Free! Take a shape, group, text box and create amazing circular graphics. Supports Mac and PC.
6 Power-user Free! Get one free license for Power-user. Power-user can save a huge amount of time, making you up to 40% more efficient when creating presentations. For someone working 3h per day on PowerPoint, that’s 4 weeks of time saved every year. With thousands of visual elements such as templates, maps, diagrams, icons etc., Power-user lets you make better and more impacting presentations to convince your clients or management. Learn more about Power-user here.
7 PPTools 25% off PPTools Merge PPTools Merge merges data from Excel files into the text boxes, pictures, notes and hyperlinks of individual slides or whole presentations.

Learn more/download a free fully functional demo
8 PPTools 25% off PPTools Resize PPTools Resize converts your presentations from 4:3 to widescreen (16:9, 16:10), widescreen to 4:3 or converts presentations to any custom size you like. Without distorting the text or other graphics on your slides.

Learn more/download a free fully functional demo
9 PPTools 25% off PPTools Image Export Do you need high quality, high rez images from PowerPoint? Have special numbering or file naming requirements? PPTools Image Export is the answer. Fast, flexible and inexpensive.

Learn more/download a fully functional demo
10 YOUPresent 11 Free Tools! Text to Outline
Digital Clock
Slide LInker
SPeaking Clock
Stop Watch
Pattern Fill Transparency
EPS Graphics Filter
from Square to Circle
Search Recent Files
Get free YOUPresent tools here

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