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Discounts and Perks

Members-Only Discounts and Freebies for All

40% off NXPowerLite by Neuxpower

NXPowerLite Desktop shrinks the size of PowerPoint, Word, PDF and JPEG files simply and effectively, making them easy to email and share. It is especially effective on files that don’t compress well with zip.

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25% ActivePrez by YOUpresent Discount

Add on-slide navigation to your slide show and engage your audience like never before.

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25% vIcons by YOUpresent Discount

Add editable designer icons straight from your PowerPoint, Excel or Word ribbon.

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25% vMaps by YOUpresent Discount

From a single new button in your PowerPoint ribbon, add editable maps from around the World.

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25% Circlify by YOUpresent Discount

Take a shape, group, text box and create amazing circular graphics. Supports Mac and PC.

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25% G-Tools by YOUpresent Discount

A toolbox for presentation designers facing the limitations of what PowerPoint can do.

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One Free Year from Pickit Pro

Looking for photos, icons or illustrations? Now you don’t need to search half the internet or register a new account with every image provider. We’ve done it for you, and put all the best stock in one spot.

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Prezi Next Discount

Six months Prezi premium license. Access to premium online training content. Go to the top of the queue when you apply to become a Prezi Expert—fill out the application form and indicate you are a Presentation Guild member under “additional information”

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50% off DataPoint by PresentationPoint

Create real-time connections to nearly ANY data source for automatically updating presentations, information screens and digital signage.

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 One Free License for PowerUser

Power-user can save a huge amount of time, making you up to 40% more efficient when creating presentations. For someone working 3h per day on PowerPoint, that’s 4 weeks of time saved every year. With thousands of visual elements such as templates, maps, diagrams, icons etc., Power-user lets you make better and more impacting presentations to convince your clients or management.

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25% PolicyViz Discount

Helping you do a better job processing, analyzing, sharing, and presenting your data.

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15% Airtame Discount

The easiest way to wirelessly display on bigger screens. Plug Airtame into a screen and connect to it with an app. Kiss the cable clutter goodbye

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ToolsToo Discount

Powerful, yet easy to use, editing productivity tools for the PowerPoint ribbon:
65+ shape tools including many Alignment and Make Same tools, Add Shape to Group; 20+ slide tools including Agenda Copier, Extract Slides, Split Animation

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 25% Resize by PPTools Discount

PPTools Resize converts your presentations from 4:3 to widescreen (16:9, 16:10), widescreen to 4:3 or converts presentations to any custom size you like. Without distorting the text or other graphics on your slides.

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25% Merge by PPTools Discount

PPTools Merge merges data from Excel files into the text boxes, pictures, notes and hyperlinks of individual slides or whole presentations.

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25% Image Export by PPTools Discount

Do you need high quality, high rez images from PowerPoint? Have special numbering or file naming requirements? PPTools Image Export is the answer. Fast, flexible and inexpensive.

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20% SlideProof Discount

SlideProof is the all-in-one PowerPoint solution to deliver presentations better and faster.

  • Share content using the Library
  • Check your presentation against over 80 rules
  • Save time with many productivity tools

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25% PowerTOC  Discount

Sometimes a PowerPoint presentation demands a summary, table of contents or agenda. For those times, PowerTOC adds that critical functionality to your presentations cleanly and simply.

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25% PowerMerge Discount

With PowerMerge, you can customize a presentation for each recipient in seconds by replacing the text and images that need to be changed without worrying about messing up your presentation and focusing solely on the task at hand — creating a great presentation.

  • Share content using the Library
  • Check your presentation against over 80 rules
  • Save time with many productivity tools

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Freebies for everyone, member or not

From PPTools

THOR can memorize the size and position of any shape on a slide (or the size of the slide itself), then later “hammer” any other selected shape (or shapes) to the same size and position

Selection Manager
PPTools Selection Manager is a PowerPoint add-in that allows you to name selections of shapes on a slide then re-select them at any time.

PPTools Narrator is an add-in that helps you to produce narrated presentations using high quality, flexible sound recording software like Audacity to record the narration for your presentation.

From YOUpresent

Convert any text using any font to a native PowerPoint vector and even do it for all text using a specific font across your presentation.

Set your presentation talk times for slides and be the master of your time keeping.

EPS Graphics Filter
Can’t import EPS graphics due to a Microsoft update? Re-enable the EPS graphics filter (and others) direct from the ribbon.

Digital Clock/Alarm/Countdown
Add a huge/time clock or alarm or countdown timer to a slide in your deck.

Pattern Fill Transparency
Set the transparency for pattern fills like you used to be able to in PowerPoint 2003. Includes source code if you want to have a go at writing your own add-ins.