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Did You Miss the Amazing Metaverse Race Event?

Author: Cindy Tingley, CPS

Mar 20, 2022

Mar 20, 2022

Did You Miss the Amazing Metaverse Race Event?

On March 15th, Guild member and futurist Yulia Barnakova held an event which blew our minds wide open to the potential of 3D spaces in the metaverse as she led teams through a virtual scavenger hunt. 

image showing 3D virtual reality spaceHappy participants in the Amazing Metaverse Race
 There were three virtual worlds to progress through, while locating things like Board members photos, member book covers, trolls, and sea monsters, and so much more. Participants had a blast! Some of the comments we heard from the event were: 

“I was in the middle of flying around the area and saw Cindy hanging around up top there on the peak. Clicked on her and away I went!” 

“OMG, it was so much fun!” 

“It was fun, it was very fun. Once I was able to get my keyboard going and zoom…” 

“I feel very much more comfortable (in 3D space).” 

Congratulations to those on the winning teams! They were: Glen Mead, Laura Overcash, Sandra Johnson, Johanna Rehnvall, and Echo Swinford.

Yulia promised to come back later this year for another event, so stayed tuned for details about that. In the meantime, be on the lookout for a short video recap of this fun event that will be in the Guild’s webinar archive.

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