Dear Diary,

My mission is on hold. I suddenly find myself in the midst of our annual event presentations. It’s an event I love each year, but this year they seem to be getting the presentations to me even later than usual. Thankfully, there aren’t as many. However, I’ve discovered that the template I hastily approved still has the standard company footer which is ugly and looks unbalanced. I have secretly replaced the footer with new ones which means extra consistency checks at the end.

Oh, and now that all of the event presentations are hitting, a few other high exposure presentations suddenly need to be done ASAP as well. So it’s a fine juggling act while I struggle to interpret a bunch of deeply analytic data from our financial analysts.

You would think after being at this company for so long, that I would understand what Russell 2000 Growth actually is. I really just want to stick my fingers in my ears and yell, “la la la!” But I won’t do it, diary.

Because I’m better than that.

And because I can get some modicum of satisfaction by imaging myself doing it anyway.