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Jude Barak


We should present insights, not data!

The truth is that I am not fond of numbers. I do like the efficiency of thought, logic, and Jigsaw puzzles. This is probably why I like data visualization and business intelligence – it’s like a Jigsaw puzzle, only on a very large scale. All the pieces are there, so why not put them together to create a beautiful picture?

I believe that grasping the complete picture helps us improve and makes us better at whatever we do. Making decisions based on intuition is an important ability, but combine intuition with accurate data, and you get success.

I specialize in planning and creating "heavy data" presentations and especially like to work with startups on their Investor Presentation where I combine my field of expertise in Business Consulting, Data Analysis and Presentation Design.

Whenever you need to turn your data into knowledge and that knowledge into a decision-making tool – I am happy to guide you the way.

I live and operate from Israel, where I founded my presentation consultancy “ExcelLeader“ in 2013. Since then, I have accompanied my clients in Israel and many other countries.

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