Charles StellaWhat do you do?
I’m a Presentation Specialist at a hedge fund in NYC, where I support 100+ employees in designing/editing firmwide decks for internal and external use. Prior to Coatue, I worked in the Presentation Center at Goldman Sachs for seven years, supporting offices all around the world.

Why do you love your job?
After I obtained my MBA in Finance and Marketing, I wanted a position that could perfectly blend both fields. The blank canvas appeal of PowerPoint can really unleash your creativity. I also love the flexibility of working 9am-5pm at the office and being able to work from anywhere after I leave.

Why did you join the Presentation Guild?
I was sold by Marshall Makstein’s pitch at the 2016 Presenter’s Network in New York. Finally, I felt like I belong. There is a negative stigma that has been developing against presentation programs in recent years, and I love that this community gives you an army of fellow experts to fight this silly notion that PowerPoint is the problem. Presentation Guild, ASSEMBLE!

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