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Congratulations on deciding to apply for the Certified Presentation Specialist credential!

The Presentation Guild has created this certification process in keeping with our goals of promoting the presentation design and production industry as a profession, recognizing the skills and expertise of the presentation craftsman.

By acquiring certification, your presentation skills can be represented to peers, clients, and employers with recognized authority and clear identification of your skills.

Certification Benefits of Guild Membership

Guild members are entitled to free practice references and practice tests. Neither of these are prerequisites for taking the certification tests, but are certainly beneficial in preparing you for the test content and experience of taking the test.

Join The Presentation Guild now to take advantage of these benefits and more.

Certification process in detail

Our professional certifications reflect attainment of established criteria for proficiency and competency in the presentation industry. They require a specified amount of industry experience and are granted upon an assessment of an individuals knowledge and skills. Our professional certification have ongoing requirements that must be met every two years.

The Certified Presentation Specialist exam is comprised of three components; a document verifying six months or more experience with at least 1,000 hours of presentation experience, an online test of knowledge, and a practical test of skills requiring you to complete a series of presentation tasks. Both tests are based on the 163 Presentation Industry Standards released by Presentation Guild.

  1. The document validating experience must be submitted first. You may download and complete the spreadsheet provided by Presentation Guild or submit your own document.
  2. The online test of knowledge comprises a random selection of 130 out of 163 questions, in the following formats:
    • Single choice questions have only one answer and include True/False questions
    • Multiple choice questions have two or more answers and will always have one wrong answer. Correct answers count for one point and incorrect answers deduct one point from that question.
    • Matching questions require you to match a set of terms to their description. Correct answers count for one point and incorrect answers deduct one point from that question.
    • Fill in the blank questions require you to type in the answer. The answer must be spelled correctly but capitalization doesn’t matter. Some questions have more than one answer. Correct answers count for one point and incorrect answers deduct one point from that question. You will have 3.5 hours to complete the online test of knowledge. A score of 80% is required to pass.
  3. The practical test of skills consists of nine PowerPoint files, one for each of the nine categories in the Presentation Industry Standards. You will be asked to perform specific tasks in each file. The files must be downloaded, completed, and uploaded within 48 hours of starting the test. You must complete at least seven of the nine files correctly to pass.

Optional exam prep

The Guild makes additional preparation instruments available for those planning on taking certification exams. These are optional activities and, although recommended, are not required to pass the certification exam itself.

Study & Practice Reference
Study & Practice References are available for all certification exams. Practice references are free for Guild members, and $25 for non-members. 

Practice Tests
Certification Practice Tests are a much shortened version of the certification online exam. The purpose of the practice test is to provide a sense of the test, its question formats and the relative depth of questions. The tests contain a random number of questions which may or may not be on the actual test. You can take the test up to 3 times; you will get a different test each time.

As in the Certification exam, you will receive a score for each online practice test, but you will not receive a list of specific questions you got right or wrong.


After the exam

You will see the results of your online test immediately upon completion, including your category scores. You will receive your final practical test results by email after it has been graded. Each passing professional receives a package that includes a certificate and badge  upon successful completion of certification assessment.


Renewing your certification

Certification is good for two years after it is awarded. Those wishing to renew their certification must submit documentation of continued education and pay the renewal fee

  • Member = $100
  • Nonmember = $250

If the certification expires prior to being renewed, the applicant will be required to pay for and pass the Certification Exam again.


Presentation Standards

Download Standards

Industry standards are specifications designed to make a specific industry more efficient and effective. They are the generally accepted requirements which are followed by the members of an industry, and they serve as a quality check for any industry. The Presentation Guild Presentation Industry Professional Standards are used to assess mastery/competency of knowledge and skills for our certification program.

Record Experience

Download Tracker

Experience tracking is a requirement for applying for certification and for maintaining your certification through the renewal process every 2 years.

If you already track your activity as a presentation professional, you’re likely there already. There’s no need to transcribe your records to the form, providing your records contain the same information. We do suggest you download the form to verify your tracking matches or exceeds our requirements.

Experience Tracking Requirements
Your experience tracking must meet the following requirements to be accepted:

  • You must supply the record of experience prior to purchase the certification exam.
  • You must represent the required number of hours of experience, training, or similar presentation activity for the Professional Standard level you are applying for.
  • Specialist – 1000 hours
  • Expert – 3000 hours (not currently available)
  • Master – 5000 hours (not currently available)

Your document must be in one of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
Study & Practice Reference

This reference provides you with the appropriate industry standards in the nine categories, a brief description of each standard, and what you should research, study and/or practice to pass the exam.

Pay for Study & Practice Reference, or Don’t

The Study & Practice Reference costs $25 for applicants who aren’t Presentation Guild Members. It’s not too late to join and save.

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Practice Test

Pay to Practice, or Don’t


You can take the practice test up to 3 times. Access to the practice test costs $50 for applicants who aren’t Presentation Guild Members. It’s not too late to join and save.

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