Welcome, friends.

The Presentation Guild [PG] is going to be an exciting place to be. We’re eager to get started, to engage with you, and to help you get the most from your membership. This blog will play a key part.

Our plans for the blog are simple: it will be a central, regular channel of communication. We’ll feature stories that inform, instruct, inspire. It’s brain food for your working appetite. Come fill your plate here.

In contrast, our social media posts will feature breaking industry news and tidbits we think are worth re-sharing. Those social posts will also contain PG news, event reminders, and requests. No long stories there. Finger food.

If you happen to miss blog or social media posts, don’t worry. Our newsletter will highlight all the top material, straight to your mailbox. As with a menu, you’ll get to see most everything at a glance.

Are we making you hungry? Good. Your table is right this way.