The Brief The Luge is one of the premier tourist attractions in NZ and now the world. With over seven sites worldwide and more on the way, lot’s of people will be Lugeing in the future. As the Manager of International Luge Developments, Danny Luke’s job is to travel extensively pitching to new potential Luge sites and managing the existing ones. He needed a interactive marketing presentation which best showed off the Luge experience simply but also could delve into the deepest facts and figures. The Solution Here we brought all of our presentation services into force: 1. We created an awesome animation showing the diversity of companies that Skyline owns. 2. We then followed with a kickass Luge logo animation 3. Next we had a beautiful timeline slide showing the growth over the years 4. Up next an embedded Video overview of Luge to give an overview to the viewer 5. The animated interactive map allows each site to be explored interactively, with facts videos and media on each of these mini slideshows 6. Each of these descriptive slides are beautifully animated and simply presented The Verdict “Having used the presentation extensively whilst travelling I can say that we’ve had some great reactions to it and it’s made my life much easier"- Danny Luke – Manager of International Luge Developments

Presentation for Luge (as a video)

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