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We’re very excited to learn from you!  If you work in any aspect of the presentation industry, have a pro tip or trick, lesson learned, or favorite resource to share, and would like to contribute to the Presentation Guild blog, please consider submitting an article for consideration.

Articles must be:

  • Original material.
  • Written in a light, conversational tone.
  • Brief: 250–600 words.
  • Focused on topics of interest to a wide range of presentation designers and presenters.
  • Written & submitted by a Presentation Guild member. Not a member?  Join the Guild here!

At the very beginning, include a title then a simple greeting and 1-3 sentence introduction. Tell the readers who you are, what you do, and the general theme of your article.

For each Pro Tip, Lesson Learned, or Favorite Resource, include one of these phrases as a header and then describe the tip, lesson or resource and how it’s useful. Include active links where appropriate.

We do not accept paid submissions. Self-promotion or promotion of your company’s products or services is not acceptable, but feel free to mention your company and provide a link to it in the introduction.

Articles should:

  • Include an author photo
  • Include a relevant image (chart, photo, data visualization, illustration) if you have permission to use it. Images must meet one of these criteria:
  • Be your own creation
  • Be in the public domain
  • Be Creative Commons licensed – please be familiar with which license applies so that we know whether to include attribution
  • Be copyright free

Advice for authors:

  • Read through a number of Presentation Guild articles to gain familiarity with the style and voice of accepted articles.
  • Blog articles are conversational in tone and chunked for easy reading and scanning. Make liberal use of short paragraphs, bulleted or numbered lists, and headings.
  • Offer resources where readers can get more information on your topics – websites, books, articles, etc. and let readers know what YOU found helpful in those resources.
  • Use calls to action. Ask readers a question or challenge them to try something new.

We reserve the right to refuse submissions and to edit articles.
Authors will have the opportunity to review and approve any substantial edits.
If your article is accepted, the Presentation Guild will determine the date of publication.
Articles by guest authors will be labeled as such.

Submit your article

If more images are to be included in the body of the article, please indicate in the copy where to place each file. For example, [filename.png] inserted at the appropriate place(s).
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Accepted file types: png, jpg, gif, Max. file size: 3 MB.
Include any images that belong in the main article, or files you would like to accompany the article.
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