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  • What is the Presentation Guild? +

    Short answer: We are the trade association for the presentation design industry.

    Long answer: The roles and capabilities of presentation professionals are not well understood by the general public. We want to establish an appropriate category—recognized as a legitimate and influential industry—with the hope that it comes into common use. We formed the Presentation Guild to promote the presentation design and production industry as a profession.

  • Why a Presentation Guild? +

    Presentations are an influential force in business communications. The Presentation Guild wants to establish both support and certification for professionals in this industry. Similar organizations exist for graphic designers, color specialists, audiovisual experts, videographers and photographers, and speakers. We will educate, represent, and provide a forum for those who make their living as presenters and presentation creators and support professionals. We chose the name Presentation Guild because we love the connotation of master craftsmen and artisans, which represents our industry well. We also believe in the cooperative nature of a guild and want to keep that feeling throughout our association and our industry.

  • Who is the Presentation Guild? +

    The Presentation Guild’s Board of Directors are presenters, presentation designers, trainers, Microsoft MVPs, and software experts: Rick Altman, Geetesh Bajaj, Ric Bretschneider, Charles Cranford, Sandy Johnson, Stephy Lewis, Marshall Makstein, Tony Ramos, Steve Rindsberg, Glenna Shaw, and Echo Swinford. Together they have nearly 300 years of experience in developing presentation software, training presenters, creating presentation tutorials and tools, designing presentations, and helping presenters reach their goals.

  • Can anyone join the Presentation Guild? +

    Yes. As long as you’re part of the presentation industry, you’re one of us and we’d love to have you as a member! We are currently in pre-launch mode, with our official launch slated for late October 2016. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when membership registration opens. The presentation industry is extremely broad and potentially includes presentation writers and designers, presenters, trainers, and educators, as well as administrative assistants, presentation software and product developers, and backstage folks. All of you are welcome to join.

  • Can I write off my dues? +

    If you currently write off business expenses, we expect you can write off your Presentation Guild dues. However, you should consult your tax professional to verify your filing status. The Presentation Guild is incorporated in Ohio in the United States. We’ve filed paperwork to be declared a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization.

  • How much are dues, anyway? +

    Memberships are $99/year. Subscribe to our mailing list using the newsletter signup form on the home page to be notified when membership registration opens.

  • What are the benefits of Presentation Guild membership? +

    By joining now, you’re entering on the ground floor of a growing organization—at a discounted membership rate. A full list of member benefits is available here.

    As a member of the presentation guild, you can display our logo on your website to show your professional status. You’ll also have access to members-only discussion forums, webinars and virtual meetings in addition to a variety of educational opportunities from articles and tutorials to live and archived webinars. Check out the event calendar here.

    Many more benefits will be added in the coming months — another reason we’re offering a membership discount. As benefits increase, so will the dues.

  • What else are you planning? +

    The Presentation Guild will publish industry standards based on board and member input. We’ll offer professional skills certifications, potentially including Continuing Education Units (CEUs). We plan to provide software and service discounts to our members as well as job postings and portfolio showcases.

    Do you have any additional ideas for Presentation Guild offerings? Let us know.

  • Where do I join? +

    We’ll be officially open for business in late October 2016. Sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss it!

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