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Ric Bretschneider

Ric Bretschneider

running for re-election

Location: San Jose, CA, USA

I’m proficient in Microsoft Office, particularly in Word, Excel and Powerpoint… oh wait, it’s not that kind of list. Let’s start again.

Presentation Guild is required to make five seats on the board of directors available each election. We didn’t have that many open seats, so to help with that goal I volunteered to run for re-election.

I hope you’ll re-elect me to the board, otherwise I’m going to look a little foolish.

But seriously, I’ve been an active member of the board for years now, rarely saying no to any work that needs me. The result is I’ve worked all over the Guild’s activities, it’s really quite a mixed bag: I tested our pre-release web site, created the animation and music that introduces Guild videos, managed finding and managing a vendor for the Guild pins, and created both the concepts, materials and execution of the Guild “game” activities at The Presentation Summit.

I’ve been an MC for our streaming events, wrote a code of conduct for our Facebook site, and wrote a draft of the upcoming Certifications process descriptions for the web site. I’m one of two or three editors who regularly review the newsletter (or just about any document that needs checking) and am always happy to help out with anything that’s floundering.

I believe in the Guild’s goals, and believe that every director should be willing to take on whatever needs to be done to make it valuable to our membership. I like to think that I’m an ideas person who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty implementing those ideas and the ideas of others. I’m not done yet, I’m hopeful you’ll agree.

Meghan Dotter

Meghan Dotter

Location: Springfield, VA, USA

I’d like to put my PR skills to work by promoting the Presentation Guild. I run a small presentation company, focused primarily on training and coaching with design support. I created this to help speakers – primarily the engineers, scientists, introverts – convey ideas and make the case for change in conferences and meetings. Because I’ve worked in both a large PR agency and ran communications at a global Fortune 200 company, I understand the challenges and perspectives that each side brings to client engagements.

I want to support the voice and perspectives of presentationists and designers. When speakers and leaders have a better understanding and appreciation as to how a designer provides value, the conversation shifts. Our clients have learned to bring in designers earlier in the process to help them think through ideas, rather than sending nearly complete decks as an after thought to “make pretty” or “clean up.”

In any event I’m a fan of the work and would like to support you all in any capacity that I can.

Tom Howell

Tom Howell

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

A rising tide lifts all the boats.

This simple phrase has always been my core philosophy towards the entire presentation design industry. Be it a freelancer working across a multitude of clients, an in-house designer fielding their own internal clients, an agency building its portfolio of clients or a designer upskilling to be the true utilitarian of design. Each of these boats rises in their own way through the rising tide of change as the Presentation Guild builds stronger community and industry ties. My personal approach has always been collaborative at its core, opening not only my agencies design, but also processes and business practices to the industry for discussion and dissection. The industry as a whole remains largely fragmented and as the only industry body, the Presentation Guild has a responsibility to develop and grow. I bring to the position of Board Member a skillset in business growth, industry and community knowledge and associates, advisory experience and a practical, hands-on, forthright approach to getting things done.

Dawn Mahoney

Dawn Mahoney

Location: LODI, WI, USA

Since “Vote for Pedro” has already been used broadly (a la, Napoleon Dynamite!), I’ll just go with: Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

I have been complaining and making changes to poorly designed slide decks for oh so long! I have MANY stories as to how I became a tiny voice in the proverbial wilderness speaking to others about building slide decks that were more professional looking and didn’t give people headaches. Two quick examples:
-One former coworker made everything crawl, zoom, and fly. Every bit of text. Every piece of clip art.
-While working in the sales training area of a major health insurance organization that you’ve heard of, a coworker built every slide deck she did with one of the accent colors in the corporate standards (a bright lime green) complemented with text that was either an impossible to read gray or a SCREAMING RED. I climbed up on my (invisible) soapbox and began to speak coach and guide about readability, etc. There was slow and steady progress, however, I suspect there was also backsliding when I left for a new opportunity. (sigh)

My great idea for advancing the mission of the Guild comes in the form of representing the Guild to the learning, training, e-learning, and instructional design groups I am a part of. I speak at several of their conferences each year and can bring new members with new dimensions to our “fold”.

Thank you for considering me and my background for a role on the Presentation Guild Board of Directors.

John Rahmlow

John Rahmlow

Location: Chesterbrook, PA

I would like to have the opportunity to serve on the Board of the Presentation Guild to help promote the presentation industry and help others become more confident and competent as presentation designers and presenters.

I have had a lifelong interest in effective communication and have gravitated towards roles that have allowed me to both design and deliver presentations. For the past fourteen years I have held presentation related roles for one of the largest financial services companies in the world. In these roles I have designed and delivered hundreds of presentations for clients in many different industries.

I believe that my experience in a corporate setting can complement the agency and small business experience that a majority of the current Board members have. The current Board members are outstanding contributors and I can be a supplement to what they bring based on my background and large company experience. This different perspective can help identify possible new areas of growth for the Presentation Guild and also different areas of focus for events and training.

I have been a member of the Presentation Guild from the beginning and as a member I have been running the Presentation Guild Book Club for the past two years. I have also committed to the Presentation Guild by purchasing a 10-year membership and as far as I know, I am the only person who has made the 10-year commitment.

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy and would appreciate the opportunity to serve you as a member of the Board.