This is going to be amazing.

Dear Diary, 021

I have been fighting to elevate presentation design for so long and I finally had the tipping point at my last job where upper management realized its importance. It was a major breakthrough. Immediately after, I got a new job and entered into a new company where the one other designer hired with me obviously held a lot of disdain for PowerPoint. She was very vocal about it and she clearly believed that design and presentations didn’t belong together. Any time the word presentation or PowerPoint came up, she condescended and snubbed it.

Well, my friends, only 2 months in, a miracle has happened. Because much of the workload is in PowerPoint here, this same person humbly and seriously asked me if she could be my presentation design apprentice.


  1. I love this post! I think it’s so bizarre how other designers don’t see that presentations are in need of some serious design help. Actually, I should say, other designers think, for some reason, that presentations are just inherently bad and even if they know that presentations need design help, they turn their noses to PowerPoint because they 1) have never seen a well designed deck and 2) are all stuck on Adobe. (which I love and use every day) and then they miss this HUGE slice of the design industry. And there is a gaping demand for good designers that know PPT. And, yes, InDesign might be a better design tool, but PowerPoint is what the execs use, so… think about it.

    And to your point about management realizing the importance of presentations: I have been arguing with a client of mine for over a year to upgrade their presentations and take the writing and design seriously. They do about 5 RFPs per month and spend a ton of money and their business lives or dies on these. I finally convinced upper management to think of their B2B presentations as if they were extremely important marketing tools (which they are). They listened and gave it to their creative department! Haha. Oh well. I will inherent the InDesign to PowerPoint conversion and give some words of wisdom on their presentations. I’m just glad this client has seen the light.

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