This is going to be amazing.

Dear Diary, 018

I feel so much better today. The leadership here is amazing (not that it wasn’t at the previous job), and I have officially been talked down. After all, I’ve only been here for about a month now. Besides presentations, I’m getting to work on a lot of other projects: videos, campaigns, UX strategy. Typically, I don’t get to do that kind of work unless it was from freelancing or other non-day job projects.

What’s interesting about presentations here is that PowerPoint is mostly used to create legit print documents. Since there has been so little design support, a lot of the resources that are created for the company are in PPT, exported as PDFs, then published to the intranet. I have to majorly adjust my normal way of working when a PPT hits my desk. And I say PowerPoint intentionally instead of presentation because they aren’t actually presentations. I’m going to have to ease up on my adamant and constant correcting people from saying PowerPoint to presentation. ?


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